The future of work is fun!

We believe that fun, beautiful games will become a source of income for anyone, anywhere.

This future is already here; it's just not evenly distributed yet. We need more adventurers, builders, thinkers, and missionaries to bring it to the entire planet.


We built Axie Infinity and grew it to be the #1 Blockchain game. It's now time to make it one of the biggest virtual worlds of all time, period.

More and more game developers are becoming interested in using Blockchain technology to empower their players. This is a massive opportunity that we're best positioned to capture with our Ronin side chain — a tool that allows game developers to deliver the benefits of blockchain to their players without any of the complications.

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Life at Sky Mavis

We believe that the best teams are comprised of diverse individuals all working towards a single goal.

Our journey won't be easy. It's going to be dark. It'll be cold. But eternal glory and recognition await for those that walk the road with us. At Sky Mavis you'll help build things the world has never seen and conduct experiments that blend gaming, economics, and even political science.

Meet the Team

Trung Nguyen


Aleksander L.


Viet Anh Ho


Tu Doan

Art Director

Jeffrey Zirlin

Growth Lead

Quy Dau

Head of Ronin

Duy Trinh

Art Lead

Hiep Nguyen

Head of Product

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